Musculoskeletal infections can occur at any age. Bone and joint infections are very common in newborns due to high rate of septicaemia in India.

It can present as pain, swelling, fever, inability to move and put weight over the affected part. Small children will stop taking feed and become irritable.

There can be history of viral exantheme in the past few months.

Other investigations include x rays of the affected bone and joint, usg, mri and blood parameters like cbc, esr and crp.

Treatment: Depending upon the investigations, treatment can vary from simple analgesics and anti inflammatories (in case of transient synovitis), antibiotics (early infections) and drainage and arthrotomies (in case of osteomyelitis and septic arthritis). Sometimes the child may need repeated surgeries to get rid of the infection completely.

Outcomes of bone and joint infections are good if manages properly at right time.

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