Dr Gaurav's diagnosing style is very unique. During our discussion, he focused on our concern, past history, problem duration etc then he measured all relevant sections to validate the same. He also explained us via educational slides and research. Overall it was very satisfactory experience and we feel that we don't have to find another doc for our kids for all kinds of orthopedic issues in the future.

Pooja Holani

As per my personal experience dr. Gaurav is the best pediatric orthopaedic doctor with a lot of caring attitude... it was the very 1st time when my daughter wasn’t afraid of any doctor, she was quite comfortable.... our experience with doctor was fantastic. Very happy with his prompt and efficient service... thank you doctor

Amit Babul

Dr Gaurav is down-to-earth and humble, and gives adequate time to discuss the problem and explain the situation. He connects well with children and very supportive and responsive. We are quite happy with the outcome of our son's surgery and will highly recommend him to parents for their child's orthopedic issues.

Mandaar Barve

I came across Dr. Gaurav for the treatment of my child. Dr. Gaurav is a thorough professional and extremely well adept at his craft. On top of that he is easy-going and answers every question in detail. All situations and scenarios are highlighted before they arise and if something new comes up, he is very easily accessible. As much as his expertise helps children in getting better, his approach helps parents to experience a certain degree of ease

Khurram Wahab

Very humble , co-operative and supportive . Listens to the problem very patiently, gives enough time to examine and explain the situation in detail and provides the best possible solution. Very greatful for how he calmed us as we were very much worried for our child. We are very much satisfied with the care treatment our child received from Dr Gaurav Gupta. Best ortho pediatrician.

Rangoli Mathur

Dr. Gaurav Gupta has been a pleasure to visit for us and our daughter to sort few Ortho related issues that got us worried. He has a great connect with kids, is extremely patient, knows what he is doing & someone who takes initiative to genuinely help people. Overall, a great Ortho Paediatrician to consult for growing children. I sincerely recommend his services to all parents with young kids.

Ashish Bajaj

Dr Gaurav Gupta is highly experienced in his domain. He handled our son case of knee pain & swelling very well. He understand and explain everything in very detail. I would recommend him to all especially for children ortho requirement.

Parth Sharma

Dr. Gaurav is an experienced paediatric orthopaedic surgeons. We had an amazing experience while consulting him for our daughter. He is a well-experienced and understanding doctor, who believes in treating his patients in the most effective manner. We are very thankful to him.

Pawan Saini

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